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6/24/2018 : 12:46 pm : +0200

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For the garden

Need construction wood or patio flooring for your garden? We can supply cut timber in accordance to your needs. Thicknesses begin at 15mm and go up to 200mm. When planed, we can even go down to 13mm.


Fence slats: 

16x140, 18x145, 19x150, 22x125, 24x150 bis ca 24x20 mm, etc.

Wooden posts:

45x96, 53x98, 68x68, 98x98 mm, etc.

Patio decking:

25x142, 28x142 mm, etc.

You name it, we cut it! 

Maximum sizes: ca. 120x220/240, 200x200 mm

When planed ca. 120x220/230, 200x200 mm