As versatile as wood is as a raw material, so too are the finishing options. We offer you the option of refining the sawn softwood to suit your individual requirements, within the shortest possible time and at a consistently high quality.

Heat protection treatment and drying

We offer IPPC treatments as well as technical drying.

IPPC treatment involves drying the wood in our drying chambers in accordance with the IPPC's ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) regulation to a core temperature of 56°C for at least 30 minutes to remove any pests that may be present.

Technical drying is a drying process where the wood can be dried in the drying chambers to the residual wood moisture content the customer requires.

Heat protection treatment and drying


We finish sawn timber in our own planing mill to individual customer requirements. Our planed timber is among others used in the construction industry, for interior as well as exterior use.

In the PDF document below you will find a selection of our offered planing profiles.

Planing - Products

Bath impregnation

We offer our customers a colourless SINESTO dip impregnation for preventive protection against blue stain and mould growth as well as for preservation. This involves immersing bundles of lumber in special impregnation tanks with impregnating agent for several hours.

Bath impregnation - Products

Pressure impregnation tank

We offer pressure impregnation for customers on request. This is a wood protection method where the wood preservative is forced into the wood under high pressure so that it can be absorbed as deeply as possible. This process provides wood with optimum preparation for many years of outdoor use.

Pressure impregnation tank